Zea Marina

Cosmopolitan Zea, the second (out of the three) largest natural harbour of Piraeus, is a must-visit hotspot that smoothly combines entertainment with cultural interest.

Below the coast road of Akti Themistokleous, you can stroll along Zea marina, next to the luxurious yachts moored there, enjoying the ever sunny day.

Along the coast, you can visit the Hellenic Maritime Museum, famous not only for its unique exhibits illustrating the Greek maritime history from prehistoric times to the present day, but also for its magnificent surrounding area.

On the other side of the marina, stand some parts of the remains of the ancient port of Zea, untouched by time.

Spread out along the marina, there are numerous lounge café-bars with a warm atmosphere, setting the ideal scenery for a day out in the city.

On the coast road, above the ancient Zea harbour, at a prestigious seafront location, the visitor can admire the neo-classical style mansion which houses the Naval – once Russian – Hospital of Piraeus.

Zea Marina
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