The Holy Trinity Cathedral – Piraeus’ Jewel of Church Architecture

Hole Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Cathedral (in Greek Aghia Triada), situated in the center of Piraeus, within walking distance from the Port of Piraeus, was built within the years 1956 and 1964, in the place of the first church of the Holy Trinity built in the 19th century and completely destroyed by the Allies Bombardment of Piraeus in 1944.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, covering a surface of 835 sq.m, is a byzantine rhythm church with a huge dome actually flying over the structure. The dome, having 40 windows, is supported by 8 circular triangles and 8 big arches, thing that allows the dome to be seen from every part of the Cathedral, even from its entrances.

It’s a three-isle structure, with the central isle dedicated to the Trinity, the one on the right to the Apostles Peter and Paul and that on the left to the Holy Protection.

The interior of the Sanctuary as well as the majestic marble Iconostasis (icon screen separating the Sanctuary from solea (alter) are decorated by iconographies of byzantine technique.

Gold leaf, bought by Ar. Skylitsis, the Mayor of Piraeus at the time of the construction of the Cathedral, on money donated by the Greek businessman and benefactor P. A. Bodosakis, was used for the iconography of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The iconography of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, with the unique portrayal of faces following the byzantine technique, is a piece of art of exquisite beauty. The external doors of the Holy Trinity Cathedral are made of forged brass while the doors of the Iconostasis are made of carved wood.

During the excavation of 1956 for the erection of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, part of the Long Walls and parts of ancient buildings, as well as amphorae, golden coins, mosaics and inscriptions came to light. These important archeological findings can be seen in the basement of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, next to St. Nektarios’ Chapel.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, with a capacity of 3,500 people, a unique monument of byzantine art hosting in its foundations fragments of the civilization of ancient Piraeus, is definitely worth visiting.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral – Piraeus’ Jewel of Church Architecture
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