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Russian Hospital of Piraeus, Today Piraeus Naval Hospital

The Naval Hospital of Piraeus is situated at a prestigious seafront location, the boarder between Freattida bay and the natural harbor of Zea. However, when the renovated neo-classical style mansion housing the Naval Hospital was fist bought, it used to be the home of a Russian Hospital. In order to understand why such a hospital was inaugurated in Piraeus, one should inquire the identity of its owner. In 1867 and at the age of sixteen, Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia, a member of the Romanov dynasty, married King George I of Greece, thus becoming Queen Olga of the … < Read More >

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The Ancient Port of Zea

The Ancient Port of Zea was the largest of the three ports of Piraeus, the other two being the port of Munichia and the port of Kantharos (currently the host port). It was the largest port in Greece as well at the time and probably the first military port built. The construction of the Ancient Port of Zea obviously echoes Themistocles’ view that the fleet was the milestone of the Athenian dominance in the Classical Times. The part of the ancient port that literally has survived time intact is its name itself: Zea. An inscription found on the inlet part of the port containing the contract of “the Arsenal of the Military Port of Attica in Zea” … < Read More >

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Hellenic Maritime Museum

In 1867 War Navy Captain Gerasimos Zohios, motivated by the desire for our maritime tradition and heritage to be preserved, suggested the foundation of a Greek Naval Museum. Almost 90 years passed until his idea was put into action but, finally, the inauguration of the first Hellenic Maritime Museum took place in 1955. A short time later, in 1964, the Piraeus Port Authority and later the National Tourist Organization leased, at a symbolic rate, the plot of land where the museum is now located. The Hellenic Maritime Museum is situated at sea level, below the coastal road of Akti Themistokleous, in front … < Read More >

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