Monuments & Statues


The Cross in Piraiki – The Monument of the “Unknown Sailor”

Piraiki Peninsula, located on the east side of the main port, is one of the most beautiful regions in Piraeus. Along the coastline, named Akti Themistokleous (Themistocles’ Coast) many small rocky coves are created, with the most prominent among them being Aphrodit’s Bay. Aphrodite’s Bay was also called Baikoutsi Bay, named after the owner of an old country club, once thriving in the area. Very few locals, however, would point you to your destination if you decided to make use of either toponym (Aphrodite or Baikoutsi Bay) since, for the citizens of Piraeus, this particular area is called … < Read More >


The Piraeus Lion – The City’s Landmark at the Port’s Entrance

The Lion of Piraeus is a remarkable, nine feet high marble statue of a sitting, roaring lion and it used to oversee the port city until 1687. Today, a copy of the original statue, made by the Greek sculptor George Megoulas, adorns the entrance of Piraeus port, standing in front of the Cruise Terminals, while the prototype is one of the four lion statues on display at the Venetian Arsenal. When, why or by whom the lion statue was built, remains unclear to this day. Contemporary researchers consider it to be a classical period piece (5th century BC), others suggest that it was made in the late … < Read More >