Architectural Buildings

The Municipal Theater of Piraeus

The Municipal Theater of Piraeus – Piraeus’ Pride

The Municipal Theater of Piraeus, situated right in the heart of the city, designated as a preserved historical monument, is the most emblematic building in Piraeus, dominating the busy city center. In 1882 the mayor of Piraeus, Trifon Moutzopoulos, submits to the City Council a project concerning the erection of a theater in Piraeus. An ambitious and costly project, it is meant to endow the city with a landmark of unique architectural and artistic value. Designed by a great Greek architect, Ioannis Lazarimos, and with its construction lasting for 11 years (1884 -1895), the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, … < Read More >

Veakio Theater

Veakio Theater – A Summer Theater in Piraeus

Veakio Theater, situated on the hill of Kastella (area of Prophet Elias), was built during the seven year dictatorship (1967-1974) in Greece and first opened its doors to the public in 1969 (at the time it was called “Skilitsio”, named after the Mayor of Piraeus A. Skilitsis). In 1976, the theater was renamed “Veakio”, in honor of the great Greek actor Emilios Veakis, who was born in Piraeus. Veakio Theater is an open-roof theater constituting an imitation of the ancient Greek theater in terms of shape and form and it can seat up to 2,000 people. Every summer, Veakio Theater hosts important cultural events, such as … < Read More >

Ziller Neighborhood

The “Ziller Neighborhood” – The once-upon-a-time “Neighborhood of Mansions”

The renowned architect Ernst Moritz Theodor Ziller was born and raised in Radebeul, a suburb of Dresden, in Germany. During his studies he worked for a period of time in Vienna in the office of the Danish architect, Theophilos Hansen. A few years later, in 1861, Ziller came to Athens as Hansen’s representative and undertook the supervision of the construction of the Academy of Athens. He soon became integrated into Athens society and permanently settled in Greece, eventually getting the Greek citizenship. Ziller, … < Read More >

The Tower Houses of Piraeus

The Tower Houses of Piraeus – Two Castle-like Mansions in 21st Century Piraeus

Wandering around fashionable Kastella, one of the most beautiful quarters in Piraeus, the visitor will probably be taken aback by two peculiar, yet impressive buildings, the architectural design of which resembles a castle! Tzivaniotis Residence or, most commonly known to the locals as the “Stone House with the palm tree garden”, constitutes a landmark in Pasalimani (Zea harbor). The stone-built tower house, located on Trifonos Moutzopoulou coastal road, at the intersection of Kaningos and … < Read More >

Metaxas' Mansion

Metaxas Mansion – An Architectural Jewel and its Famous Residents

Strolling around the city’s commercial centre, at the junction of Gregoriou Lambraki (Gregory Lambrakis) and Vasileos Georgiou (King George) Streets, your eye will definitely get caught by a stunning, two-storey mansion as well as a picturesque little café operating in the adjacent courtyard. A sublime example of neoclassical architecture, this beautiful building demonstrates the elegance of the past against the modern austere architectural style while at the same time its rich aesthetics coexists with its fully geometrical surroundings in a … < Read More >


Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution

In 1889 Ioannis Xatzikyriakos and his wife Maria, two of the greatest Piraeus’ benefactors, founded Hatzikyriakio Orphanage for Girls, today known as Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution. Designated as “An Art Monument and Preserved Building” by the Ministry of Culture, Hatzikyriakio Orphanage was built around a large patio and a perimeter arched portico. It is a central plan building with slight projections at its corners. There are 56 arched windows in total, with each of the building’s four façades bearing 14. In the front yard of the building there is a chapel dedicated to St. John, probably … < Read More >

Russian Hospital of Piraeus

Russian Hospital of Piraeus, Today Piraeus Naval Hospital

The Naval Hospital of Piraeus is situated at a prestigious seafront location, the boarder between Freattida bay and the natural harbor of Zea. However, when the renovated neo-classical style mansion housing the Naval Hospital was fist bought, it used to be the home of a Russian Hospital. In order to understand why such a hospital was inaugurated in Piraeus, one should inquire the identity of its owner. In 1867 and at the age of sixteen, Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia, a member of the Romanov dynasty, married King George I of Greece, thus becoming Queen Olga of the … < Read More >

Refugees Residences in Mikrolimano

Refugees Residences – a Cluster of Picturesque Houses right above Mikrolimano

In August 1922, the Asia Minor Catastrophe, a deep wound in Greece’s 20th century history, took place and 1,500.000 Greeks living in Asia Minor came to Greece as refugees (Convention Concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1923). Piraeus receives 130,000 refugees and sees its population skyrocketing while the urban landscape will forever change. While the majority of the newcomers settled in the working district of Drapetsona, right in the heart of cosmopolitan … < Read More >