St. Nikolaοs Church – Dedicated to the Patron Saint of Seamen

Saint Nikolaos Church

St. Nikolaοs church, dominating the Southeastern part of Piraeus Port, was built in the late 19th century, being the third St. Nikolaos church erected on the same plot after the two previous (the first one built in 1844 and the second in 1852) had proved to be not big enough to cater for the needs of St. Nikolaos parish.

St. Nikolaos church, designed by the architect I. Lazarimos in collaboration with P. Zizilas, was completed in 1902. It is a cross-in square four – columned church with a dome following the principles of neoclassicism, its special features being the majestic three-column portico on the Western and Northern façade of the church, echoing the Ancient Corinthian Order.

The portico is made of solid marble with twelve decorated capitals of the Corinthian Order, four at each entrance.

In St. Nikolaos church there are three domes, two of which are low, while the central elliptic one is large with a “lantern” on top.

At the entrance there is an oblong narthex with two wooden staircases on its right and left leading to the women’ quarters, lying right above the narthex. The women’s quarters are roofed with domes.

On the western side of St. Nikolaos church there are two bell towers with two-level bases. The top of each bell tower is supported by four columns, over which lies marble decoration as well as two small domes carrying a cross.

St. Nikolaos church has been designated as a preserved historical monument, being a remarkable example of the late 19th century architecture following the standards of neoclassicism.

Dedicated to Saint Nikolaos, the patron saint of seamen, St. Nikolaos church is a jewel of a building in the heart of the Port and a symbol testifying the strong bonds between the people of Piraeus and the sea.

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