The Roman Residential Block – An Archaeological Park in the City Center

The Roman Residential Block

The Roman Residential Block is an archaeological park covering an area of about 1800 sq.m. surrounded by four streets: Iroon Politechniou, Philellinon, Leosthenous and Skouze, just a few meters away from Piraeus Municipal Theater, in one of the busiest and most lively places of the city.

Excavations in 1981 for the erection of Piraeus Courthouse brought to light a whole city block with debris from homes and shops of the Roman era, the construction of which is dated roughly in the 2nd century AD. The excavation reaching the lowest parts of the Roman residences testified that the Roman Era houses were built on the foundations of houses of the late Classic and early Hellenistic period, even with the same internal and external walls being used in some cases.

Allegedly there were four residences, of which three were found. The Roman Residential Block was divided by narrow alleys into north and south. Two of the residences were of the same dimensions. The southern residence was a two-storey house of 18 rooms. Downstairs there were cellars as well as the foundations of the stairs. The northern one-storey residence had a less symmetric shape, its main departments being situated around a patio. Of the third residence only three rooms and part of the yard were found. Within the alleys debris of water tanks as well as craft workshops were found.

What makes special the Roman Residential Block is that for the first time archaeological findings of such an extend clustered in a land of such size were discovered, thus providing extensive information on both the layout and the domestic architecture of that period in the city of Piraeus.

The archeological park of the Roman Residential Block is by all means a testimony of the long history of the city of Piraeus and is definitely a place worth visiting.

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The Roman Residential Block – An Archaeological Park in the City Center
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