Refugees Residences – a Cluster of Picturesque Houses right above Mikrolimano

Refugees Residences in Mikrolimano

In August 1922, the Asia Minor Catastrophe, a deep wound in Greece’s 20th century history, took place and 1,500.000 Greeks living in Asia Minor came to Greece as refugees (Convention Concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1923). Piraeus receives 130,000 refugees and sees its population skyrocketing while the urban landscape will forever change.

While the majority of the newcomers settled in the working district of Drapetsona, right in the heart of cosmopolitan Mikrolimano, among the luxurious mansions, was created a cluster of houses forming a neighborhood known as “Refugees Residences”. Simple but beautiful in a humble way, surrounded by pretty gardens, overlooking the Gulf of Munichia, the “Refugees Residences” form an absolutely picturesque scenery.

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