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Piraeus is full of places of archaeological and cultural interest absolutely worth visiting, some of them being treasures literally hidden within the city

Make the best out of your short stay in Piraeus combining sightseeing, shopping, enjoying a coffee or a delicious meal with a relaxing stroll.

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We have set up a group of well-thought planned tours, covering all places of interest in Piraeus, comprising sightseeing, shopping and entertainment! To help you choose, we have included informative videos, directions and useful tips, interactive maps and photo galleries in each and every tour. All you have to do is follow your mood !


Piraiki Peninsula
One of the city’s most beautiful and picturesque regions, Piraiki, offers the ideal spot for a romantic and relaxing, yet educational stroll. Within a 10-minute walk from the city’s landmark, the marble lion statue of Piraeus, located right in front of the cruise passenger terminal B, you will get to the Naval Academy building from where your stroll – and the Peninsula itself – actually begins. Arriving at the cove of Baikoutsi bay, one will be amazed by the crystal-blue waters of Piraiki Peninsula and … < Read More >


Zea Marina
Cosmopolitan Zea, the second (out of the three) largest natural harbour of Piraeus, is a must-visit hotspot that smoothly combines entertainment with cultural interest. Below the coast road of Akti Themistokleous, you can stroll along Zea marina, next to the luxurious yachts moored there, enjoying the ever sunny day. Along the coast, you can visit the Hellenic Maritime Museum, famous not only for its unique exhibits illustrating the Greek maritime history from prehistoric times to the present … < Read More >


Pasalimani is, in many ways, the city’s hot spot! Ideal for entertainment, sightseeing and relaxation, with its many cafés, bars and restaurants succeeding one another under palm trees and open parasols, with its museums and archaeological sites, its shops and squares, Pasalimani, definitely meets all tastes. Now, where to begin? Of course, from Piraeus Archaeological Museum, located just a few metres above the waterfront, housing significant exhibits, coming from the wider … < Read More >

Kastella & Prophet Elijah

One of the most beautiful and upper-class districts of Piraeus, the picturesque hill of Kastella, still echoes the grandeur of times gone by and attracts the visitor with its elegant Mediterranean simplicity. As such, it’s no wonder that Kastella’s western and eastern borders are set by two caste-like houses of neo-Gothic architectural style, the Tzivanioti’s Residence located on the limit zone of Pasalimani and Kastella and the twin, adjacent stone-built houses, next to the natural harbour of … < Read More >


Mikrolimano is definitely one of the city’s hottest meeting points. Below the hill of Kastella, where the ancient military harbor of Munichia used to be, the heart of sailing and rowing beats today. Numerous nautical clubs, located in Mikrolimano promote sailing and rowing. Mikrolimano is the ideal place to stroll, take amazing pictures and of course enjoy delicious dishes and cocktails in island-like surroundings. Choose among dozens of luxurious cafés and prestigious seafood restaurants, most … < Read More >

City Center

Piraeus City Center
The busy city center where the heart of Piraeus beats is the ideal place to enjoy shopping and visit places of archeological and cultural interest. At terminal A, right in front of “Piraeus Port Authority Exhibition Centre”, stands Saint Nicholas’ Church, a preserved historical monument, dedicated to the seamen’s patron saint. Heading towards the city’s shopping center, you find yourself on Iroon Politecniou Avenue where lies the Roman Residential Block, a living proof of the housing … < Read More >


Piraeus Down Town
One of the busiest city points, Piraeus’s Downtown is a place full of life where you can enjoy sightseeing and buy Greek traditional products. No matter where you come from – the cruise Terminals or the city centre – you pass by Tinaneios Garden. Tinaneios Gargen, comprises two reminders of WWII: a monument dedicated to the Greek Resistance and a tree in which a part of sheet metal belonging to Clan Fraiser ship got jammed during Piraeus’ bombardment, in 1941. Right next to … < Read More >

Ietionia Coast

Ietionia Coast
Ietionia Coast, marked by the church of St. Dionysios, is your escape to an off-the-beaten track tour, where the glorious past of ancient Piraeus merges with the city’s industrial development. The majestic Ietionia Gate of the Long Walls, named after Ietionia Coast, built on the rocky hill of Kastraki, was of primary importance and played a major role in the general fortification project conceived by Themistocles. Today, an impressive part of the gate can be seen. At close quarters, right on … < Read More >

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