Piraeus Sailing, Rowing and Yacht Clubs

Piraeus Sailing Club

Sailing in PiraeusPiraeus Sailing Club was founded in 1937 by a group of friends (Panayiotis Palaiologos, Ioannis Palaiologos, Yorgos Nikoletos, Dimitris Pirounakis, Vasilis Frangoulis, Yorgos Vernardos, Yorgos Kontos and Ioannis Kontokostas) sharing the same passion for sailing, with the vision to promote water sports and sailing.

Located on the west end of Mikrolimano, within its 85 years of operation, Piraeus Sailing Club has had a strong and successful presence in European and International Championships as well as in the Olympic Games with its 200 athletes mainly competing in the Olympic Triangle and more specifically in OPTIMIST, 420, 470, FINN, 49ER, LIGHTNING, LASER RADIAL,LASER STANDARD, LASER 4.7, STAR.

Piraeus Rowing Club

Rowing in PiraeusFounded in 1885 following the initiative of Pavlos Damalas, Piraeus Rowing Club is the oldest sports club in Greece and Balkans and one of the oldest in Europe.

Originally located on Phaleron Bay, Piraeus Rowing Club was transferred to its present location in Passalimani in 1888. Designated as a preserved monument, the building housing Piraeus Rowing Club also houses the Greek Rowing Museum, the only museum of the kind in Greece.

For more than a century Piraeus Rowing Club has had a vivid and successful presence in numerous major sports events, with its athletes winning medals and titles, while it was Piraeus Rowing Club that founded the first Women’s Rowing Team as well as the first Rowing Team for Physically Challenged People in Greece.

A highlight in the Club’s history are the 1896 Olympic Games hosted in Athens, when Piraeus Rowing Club organized all the water sports taking place at the time. In 1948 the Academy of Athens conferred on Piraeus Rowing Club the Bronze Medal, as a recognition of the services offered.

Yacht Club of Greece

Yacht Club of GreeceEstablished in 1933, Yacht Club of Greece aims at promoting sailing in Greece as well as offering training and recreational activities to its members. Being an advisor to the Greek National Tourism Organization, Yacht Club of Greece also promotes nautical tourism.

Within its 90 years of operation, Yacht Club of Greece has organized numerous European, International and World Regattas.

Situated on the southwest end of Mikrolimano, Yacht Club of Greece lies in a magnificent, picturesque landscape, overlooking the Phaleron Bay and the Gulf of Saronis. Its location along with its high-standard facilities, make Yacht Club of Greece a popular venue for people of all ages and tastes.

Piraeus Sailing, Rowing and Yacht Clubs
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