Maritime Studies Lyceums

Maritime studies

Piraeus long tradition in maritime studies covers the merchant marine sector. Since the early 1900’s till the mid 1960’s, Maritime Studies Lyceums had been operating in Piraeus. Private, but with low cost fees, these schools addressed the educational needs of the young men who aspired to a career in seamanship. Let us take a closer look at some of Piraeus’ Maritime Studies Lyceums:

  • “PROMETHEUS” Maritime Studies Lyceum: a school for ship engineers founded in 1900 and conferred on with an award from the Academy of Athens, “PROMETHEUS” was the oldest school of this kind, with a long and glorious tradition to display.
  • “PYTHAGORAS” Maritime Studies Lyceum: one of the most eminent maritime studies lyceums at the time, “PYTHAGORAS” was founded by Iakovos Markozanis in 1948 and operated as a school for ship engineers.
  • “PROTEUS” Maritime Studies Lyceum: also founded by Iakovos Markozanis, “PROTEUS” comprised a school for ship Radio Operators, a school for Insurance Brokers as well as the first private school for Merchant Navy Captains.
Maritime Studies Lyceums
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