Piraeus in Painting – The City through the Eyes of Famous Artists

Volanakis - The post of Piraeus
Over the years, Piraeus’ cultural and historical background, its picturesque neighborhoods and, of course, the multicultural scenery that only a port can provide, have been an unfailing source of inspiration for great painters of different styles and topical interests.

Let us mention only a few:

  • Aginor Asteriadis (1898 – 1977): painter, icon painter, engraver and book illustrator, Asteriadis was a great representative of the “Thirties Generation”. His paintings are usually planar, yet very realistic.
  • Giorgos Ioannou (1926): a multi-awarded painter, Ioannou’s work, which belongs to the pop-art and comics, bears a distinct critical objectivity.
  • Maria Pop (1912 – 2009): a fine representative of naïve painting, Maria Pop loved depicting littoral landscapes, neoclassical mansions and traditional cafés.
  • Rowland John Robb Langmaid (1897 – 1956): a British seaman, engraver, visual artist and war artist. Langmaid was the official war artist to the Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet from 1941 to 1943.
  • Alekos Fassianos (1935): a great painter from Athens, whose work ranges between expressionism and surrealism. His paintings are characterized by motion, emphasized by the hair or cloth waving in the breeze.
  • Nikos Eggonopoulos (1907 – 1985): considered to be the introducer and most significant representative of Greek surrealism in arts, Nikos Eggonopoulos also was an important author and poet.
  • Konstantinos Volanakis (1837 – 1907): the most significant Greek seascape painter, Volanakis was also known as “the Bard of the Sea”. He is regarded as one of the finest representatives of academic realism and the Munich School.
  • Yannis Tsarouchis (1910 – 1989): a tribute to Piraeus in painting would not be complete without mentioning the most important 20th century Greek painter, Yannis Tsarouchis. A highly sensual painter, deeply influenced by the ancient classical ideal as expressed by Renaissance and Baroque and by the Byzantine art that represents the oriental side of the Greek aesthetics, Tsarouchis loved his birth town, Piraeus, and immortalized its early 20th century lifestyle.
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Piraeus in Painting – The City through the Eyes of Famous Artists
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