Piraeus Ichthyoscala – Fish Landing & Marketing Facilities

A compound word consisting of the Greek words “ichthys”, meaning fish and “skala”, meaning stairs, but also scales and port, the term “ichthyoscala” designates fish landing and marketing facilities, usually located near ports.

Among the 11 facilities of the kind operating in Greece today, Piraeus Ichthyoscala, located in the Port of Hercules, on Saint George Bay, in Keratsini since 1966, deals with the 50% of the total amount of the fish produce supplied to the Greek market.

With its facilities covering more than 5,500 sq m over a total surface of 17,652 sq m, on its premises Piraeus Icthyoscala comprises storage and freezing spaces as well as an auction room. Piraeus Icthyoscala deals, among others, with storage, selling, and distribution of fish produce.

Piraeus Ichthyoscala – Fish Landing & Marketing Facilities
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