Piraeus Maritime Culture


Maritime Studies Lyceums

Piraeus long tradition in maritime studies covers the merchant marine sector. Since the early 1900’s till the mid 1960’s, Maritime Studies Lyceums had been operating in Piraeus. Private, but with low cost fees, these schools addressed the educational needs of the young men who aspired to a career in seamanship. One of the most eminent maritime studies lyceums at the time, “PYTHAGORAS” was founded by Iakovos Markozanis in 1948 and operated as a school for ship engineers. One of the most eminent maritime studies lyceums at the time, “PYTHAGORAS” was founded by … < Read More >

Perama ship repair zone

Perama Ship Repair Zone

The first shipyards were opened in Perama in 1928. The main ship repair zones owned by OLP (Piraeus Port Authority) are: Perama (maximum draft 8-9 metres), offering two piers, one dock for berthing astern and two floating docks with lift capacity of 15,000 and 4,000 tons, and capacity for ships of approximately 40,000 and 12,000 gt respectively. The floating dock dimensions are 200 x 30 metres and 110 x 19 metres. Two dry docks with lengths of 150 metres and 100 metres in the Central Port (Vassiliadis area). Additionally there are separate berthing docks within the Repair Zone, including … < Read More >


Piraeus Ichthyoscala – Fish Landing & Marketing Facilities

A compound word consisting of the Greek words “ichthys”, meaning fish and “skala”, meaning stairs, but also scales and port, the term “ichthyoscala” designates fish landing and marketing facilities, usually located near ports. Among the 11 facilities of the kind operating in Greece today, Piraeus Ichthyoscala, located in the Port of Hercules, on Saint George Bay, in Keratsini since 1966, deals with the 50% of the total amount of the fish produce supplied to the Greek market. With its facilities covering more than 5,500 sq m over a total surface of 17,652 sq m, on its premises Piraeus Icthyoscala comprises … < Read More >


Piraeus Sailing, Rowing and Yacht Clubs

Piraeus Sailing Club was founded in 1937 by a group of friends (Panayiotis Palaiologos, Ioannis Palaiologos, Yorgos Nikoletos, Dimitris Pirounakis, Vasilis Frangoulis, Yorgos Vernardos, Yorgos Kontos and Ioannis Kontokostas) sharing the same passion for sailing, with the vision to promote water sports and sailing. Located on the west end of Mikrolimano, within its 85 years of operation, Piraeus Sailing Club has had a strong and successful presence in European and International Championships as well as in the Olympic Games with its 200 athletes mainly competing in the Olympic Triangle and more … < Read More >


Hellenic Naval Academy

Founded in 1848 and originally operating aboard various naval ships, the Hellenic Naval Academy is located on the edge of Piraeus Peninsula, known as Piraiki, where it was transferred at the expense of the benefactor P. Vassanis in 1888. Candidates for the Hellenic Naval Academy have to pass the National University Entry Exams as well as to undergo a series of sports activities testing physical strength, endurance etc. An institution with a long and glorious history, for centuries the Hellenic Naval Academy has been the cradle of the Hellenic Navy officers, providing them with high standard education and … < Read More >