One of the busiest city points, Piraeus’s Downtown is a place full of life where you can enjoy sightseeing and buy Greek traditional products.

No matter where you come from – the cruise Terminals or the city centre – you pass by Tinaneios Garden. Tinaneios Gargen, comprises two reminders of WWII: a monument dedicated to the Greek Resistance and a tree in which a part of sheet metal belonging to Clan Fraiser ship got jammed during Piraeus’ bombardment, in 1941. Right next to the Garden stands Saint Spyridon’s Church, a unique piece of architecture, designated as a monument, dedicated to Piraeus patron Saint, Saint Spyridon. Just a few metres away, you cannot but notice Piraeus’s Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church, an exquisite monument of byzantine art hosting ancient Piraeus’s relics in its foundations.

Next stop of your stroll might as well be the Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus. Housed in one of the city’s landmarks, the Old Post Office Building, the Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus features beautiful works of art, the building itself included. So, see that you won’t miss it! Saint Paul’s Catholic Church, one of the most emblematic symbols of Piraeus’s multinational and multicultural aspect, stands nearby.

Within walking distance, lie the Middle Gate and the City Gate of the Long Walls, constituting the oldest part of Piraeus’s fortification works. The City Gate is the oldest one, built at the beginning of the 5th century BC. Through the City Gate passed the main road to Athens. What can be seen today is the bases of the two towers of the gate. Beneath Homiridou Skylitsi Avenue lies – in excellent condition – the yard that actually connected the two towers. Only 100 meters away from the City Gate there is the Middle Gate, probably built much later, destined to secure communication with Athens in case of siege.

On your way back towards the port, you will pass by Hippodameian Square, which used to be the home of old Piraeus’s Central Market. Today, the place is full of picturesque old curiosity shops.

And now, lets take a taste of the port’s local color. Piraeus’s Flea Market extends right in front of you! Stroll through its narrow streets, buy local products and have a Greek coffee, or if you are daring enough, try a glass of ouzo.

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