City Center

The busy city center where the heart of Piraeus beats is the ideal place to enjoy shopping and visit places of archeological and cultural interest.

At terminal A, right in front of “Piraeus Port Authority Exhibition Centre”, stands Saint Nicholas’ Church, a preserved historical monument, dedicated to the seamen’s patron saint.

Heading towards the city’s shopping center, you find yourself on Iroon Politecniou Avenue where lies the Roman Residential Block, a living proof of the housing habits in the Roman Era and one of the biggest archaeological parks in Greece.

Just a few meters away, in Perikleous Street the Hippodameian Cistern, a rainwater storage system of the 5th century BC is housed on the premises of the Christian Youth Organization in Piraeus. Preserved in excellent condition, the Hippodameian Cistern is an amazing ancient hydraulics piece of work.

As you keep walking along the very same street, you’ll pass by Ralleios Lyceum Block where remains of the magnificent Hippodameian town and street planning were found.

Stop at Terpsithea square, which actually consists of four cobblestone, full of greenery squares, divided horizontally and vertically by Iroon Polytechniou and Deyteras Merarchias Avenues, right in the middle of the city centre; it’s time to take a breath and some pictures!

Have a break from sightseeing and relax on one of the cozy cafes scattered on Korai Square and do your shopping in the trendy shops located in the pedestrian zone in the surrounding area.

As you resume your stroll back to Iroon Polytechniou Avenue, you cannot but notice the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, a preserved historical monument and a jewel of a building. Piraeus’ pride, the Municipal Theater, is the top preserved theater building in Greece.

City Center
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