Pasalimani is, in many ways, the city’s hot spot! Ideal for entertainment, sightseeing and relaxation, with its many cafés, bars and restaurants succeeding one another under palm trees and open parasols, with its museums and archaeological sites, its shops and squares, Pasalimani, definitely meets all tastes.

Now, where to begin? Of course, from Piraeus Archaeological Museum, located just a few metres above the waterfront, housing significant exhibits, coming from the wider region of Piraeus. Adjacent to the museum, and under its auspices, lie the exceptionally well-preserved ruins of the Ancient Theatre of Zea.

In close proximity, Piraeus Rowing Club, the oldest sports club in Greece and Balkans, and Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation are situated. Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, housed in the preserved neoclassical manor – one of the city’s architectural jewels, with a long history of its own – aims at promoting Greek Letters and Maritime Research.

As you resume your pleasant walk around Pasalimani, make sure you won’t get past the remains of the Arsenal of Philo. In the heart of the modern city, among multi-storey buildings and shops, a small piece of the once majestic, ancient stone structure which was used as a storage space for all the equipment of the Athenian ships, is still visible.

While on Pasalimani’s high street, don’t fail to visit the Institute of Hellenic Maritime History: watch the evolution of Greek Shipping, through exhibits divided into distinct chronological sections, from Paleolithic – Neolithic Era to the WWII merchant marine activity.

Last but not least, “neosoikoi” (ancient shipsheds) constitute a major piece of the city’s naval history. The shipsheds of ancient Zea, built to accommodate the mighty Athenian fleet in period of peace, were the oldest building in Piraeus. The small section preserved to this day, is showcased in the basement of an apartment building, on the border between Pasalimani and Kastella.

Have enough with all the sightseeing, already? No problem! Grab a quick bite in a snack bar; enjoy a coffee, a cold beer and, the most daring among you, a glass of ouzo or raki in one of the seemingly countless cafeterias and bars.

The wide pavement along the coast road is ideal for a leisurely stroll in front of the little port with the yachts and the fishing boats. The unobstructed, captivating view of the Saronic Gulf is a hard-to-miss plus benefit of Pasalimani!

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