Mikrolimano is definitely one of the city’s hottest meeting points.

Below the hill of Kastella, where the ancient military harbor of Munichia used to be, the heart of sailing and rowing beats today. Numerous nautical clubs, located in Mikrolimano promote sailing and rowing.

Mikrolimano is the ideal place to stroll, take amazing pictures and of course enjoy delicious dishes and cocktails in island-like surroundings. Choose among dozens of luxurious cafés and prestigious seafood restaurants, most of them giving the impression of floating on the sea. And for sure, such variety of venues caters for all tastes!

Don’t miss visiting the neighborhood known as ‘Refugees Residences’, a cluster of houses built to accommodate the Greek refugees coming to Greece, after the Asia Minor catastrophe, in 1922. Walk through this quiet neighborhood and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

If you decide to continue your stroll, move on and walk along the picturesque small canal. Once again there is a variety of cafes to pick from. Walk the small wooden bridges over the canal and you’ll find yourself in a wide open space with tennis and basketball courts and playgrounds. The boat-like structure you see is the Peace and Friendship Stadium, home of Olympiakos Basketball Club, one of the most prestigious basketball teams in Europe.

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