Hellenic Naval Academy

Founded in 1848 and originally operating aboard various naval ships, the Hellenic Naval Academy is located on the edge of Piraeus Peninsula, known as Piraiki, where it was transferred at the expense of the benefactor P. Vassanis in 1888.

Hellenic Naval AcademyCandidates for the Hellenic Naval Academy have to pass the National University Entry Exams as well as to undergo a series of sports activities testing physical strength, endurance etc. During their four-year course of studies, the Naval Academy cadets receive academic, naval and military education, which aims at acquainting them with the naval environment and developing their leadership qualities and military virtues.

An institution with a long and glorious history, for centuries the Hellenic Naval Academy has been the cradle of the Hellenic Navy officers, providing them with high standard education and training.

Hellenic Naval Academy
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