Giorgos Kimoulis – One of the Most Eminent Contemporary Greek Actors & Directors

Giorgos KimoulisBorn in Piraeus in 1956, Giorgos Kimoulis is definitely one of the most talented and well respected artists in Greece. An actor, a director and a translator, he has always been one of both the critics’ and the audience’s favorites.

Graduating from “Veakis Drama School” in 1977, Giorgos Kimoulis starts a successful career in acting, with appearances in the theater, cinema and television.

In 1983, Aliki Vougiouklaki is about to put on Alexander Doumas’ “The Lady with the Camellias”, directed by Mauro Bolognini and she holds an audition for the part of Armand. A handsome jeune premier, displaying a genuinely sensitive approach, yet with a slight touch of elegant irony, George Kimoulis will be the ideal Armand.

Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Shylock, Petruchio, Cyrano de Bergerac, Orestes, Oedipus are only some of the very many great characters he incarnated on stage with indisputable success.

In 1984 Giorgos Kimoulis establishes his own theater company, the Contemporary Theatre of Athens while in 1996 he founds his own drama school. Since 2001 he systematically directs most of the plays he appears in.

More than remarkable is also his career in the cinema as he starred in some of the best liked Greek films such as D. Fafoutis’ “Robber with Flowers”, N. Perakis’ “Loaf and Camouflage” and “Living Dangerously”, P. Tassios’ “Urge for Life”, while he also appeared in some successful TV series.

George Kimoulis has received the award for Best Actor in a leading role in Thessaloniki International Film Festival twice: for his acting in “Living Dangerously” (1986) and in “Urge for Life” (1987), while in 1988 he received the Critics’ Award for his outstanding performance in Pavel Kohout’s play “Poor Murderer”. In 1999 he received the Veakis Award for Best Actor for the period 1996-1998.

In an era when TV personae are self-proclaimed superstars, with their personal life being constantly present in the tabloids in a desperate effort to draw attention to their rudimentary artistic course, Giorgos Kimoulis, a low-profile artist, is one of the very few that can take pride in one huge achievement: he is considered as one of the most distinguished actors and directors in Greece today due to his exceptional work.

Personal Life

Giorgos Kimoulis has been married and divorced twice: with the Greek singer Maragarita Zorbala and with the politician Maria Damanaki, Commissioner on Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in the EU, with whom he has a daughter.

Giorgos Kimoulis – One of the Most Eminent Contemporary Greek Actors & Directors
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