Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus

Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus

The Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus had been the vision of an employee of the Athens – Piraeus Electric Railways, Manolis Fotopoulos, who began to realize his dream right after his retirement, in 1995. He diligently searched in all company locations, warehouses and even junk-yards and gathered all items he considered important for the future Museum, prompting at the same time his co-workers – retired or still active – to contribute to his effort.

Finally, in the space of the former Post Office within the architecturally unique Piraeus railway station building, the Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus has been housed since 2005. Relatively small in space yet of great interest and attention to detail, the Museum, through a collection of more than 6.000 exhibits, demonstrates the historical evolution of the Athens – Piraeus Electric Railways (SAP – EIS – ISAP).


By the entrance of the Museum a monument is erected in memory of those members of staff of the Electric Railway who fought and fell during WWII and the Resistance against the German Occupation in Greece. Right before the main hall of the ground floor, the visitor can find the Museum shop.

Ground Floor

Most of the exhibits on the ground floor are related to the railway stations. An original old wooden carriage, surrounded by a collection of train signaling instruments, clocks and passenger benches, predominates the room.


The exhibits in this small room are mainly control panels and instruments for the signaling and power supply of the trains. There is also a display of telecommunication equipment and a small collection of night-time lanterns.


In this hall, the Athens – Piraeus Railways’ historical evolution is documented in chronological succession through photographs and explanatory texts. In a small adjoined room, a selection of documents displays the history of the Railway Workers’ Trade Union Movement.

First Floor

The central room of the Museum is dedicated to the Railway Company’s Factory. Various items from all its departments are presented along with a three dimensional model of the Machine Shop. In a small, separate area, functioning as the Museum’s Library, items from the Company’s design department and technical support services are hosted.

Second Floor

The conference room hosts paintings of trains and a photographic exhibition about Omonoia Square in Athens. In the lobby, there are two more photographic exhibitions as well as items and pieces of furniture from the Railway Company’s Headquarters.

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Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus
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