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Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation – A Beacon of Greek Letters and Culture in the Heart of Piraeus

Kaiti Laskaridou, wife of Konstantinos Laskaridis and mother of two sons, Panos and Thanasis, was born and raised in Piraeus. She graduated from the American Women’s College and studied Economics in the Piraeus School of Commerce. In the early 50’s, along with her sisters Nausica Limnaiou and Mina Tornarou, Kaiti Laskaridou led a group of women founding the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) in Neo Faliro, aiming at providing for young immigrant women from Eastern countries during the years after … < Read More >

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SS Hellas Liberty – A Museum Ship in Piraeus

A special class of steam-powered cargo ships constructed during WWII, under the directive to supply the Allied Forces, eventually came to be known as ‘Liberty Ships’. 2.710 such vessels were built in eighteen shipyards in the US and though they were British in conception, several modifications were adopted in order to make the vessels larger, yet cheaper and easier to build. ‘Liberty Ships’ have since become the symbol of the US American wartime industrial output. Approximately 2.400 ‘Liberty Ships’ survived WWII, and more than 800 of them were used as post-war cargo/merchant ships. Of the remaining … < Read More >

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Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

Piraeus Archaeological Museum, through its exhibits, reflects the cultural heritage of the city and its strategic importance as a commercial centre of ancient Athens, as well as the Eastern Mediterranean. The Museum, located between Terpsithea Square and Pasalimani (gulf of Zea), is about 10 minutes walk from the cruise terminal. Adjacent to the museum, a fence encloses the ancient Hellenistic theatre of Zea, where the visitor can also admire the open-air, sheltered exhibition of sculptures (mostly grave monuments). The museum’s exhibits come from the wider region of Piraeus and include … < Read More >

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The Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus

The Old Post Office of Piraeus is located at the intersection of Filonos St and Karaoli & Dimitriou St. The historic building itself is certainly – after the restoration / renovation it has undergone – one of the most majestic and handsome samples of neoclassical architecture in the city of Piraeus. Based on the exemplar model of the Post Office of Geneva, the Old Post Office was constructed during the first years of the 20th century in order to house the services of the Post Office, Telegraph and Telephony (PTT), in a time when, in most parts of the country, postal services were housed in private lodges. The building … < Read More >

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Institute of Hellenic Maritime History

The foundation of a Museum of the Greek Mercantile Marine was conceived by a small group of Coast Guard officers in 1982, when the then Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri had the idea to gather renown artists and art critics from countries all over the Mediterranean, for a few days on the island of Hydra, to attend a conference “The Mediterranean Sea Yesterday and Today”. The exhibits of the conference were transferred for preservation to Piraeus and specifically to the Coast Guard Academy. The Museum of the Mercantile Marine originally acquired legal status in 1991 and operated … < Read More >

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Hellenic Maritime Museum

In 1867 War Navy Captain Gerasimos Zohios, motivated by the desire for our maritime tradition and heritage to be preserved, suggested the foundation of a Greek Naval Museum. Almost 90 years passed until his idea was put into action but, finally, the inauguration of the first Hellenic Maritime Museum took place in 1955. A short time later, in 1964, the Piraeus Port Authority and later the National Tourist Organization leased, at a symbolic rate, the plot of land where the museum is now located. The Hellenic Maritime Museum is situated at sea level, below the coastal road of Akti Themistokleous, in front … < Read More >

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Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus

The Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus had been the vision of an employee of the Athens – Piraeus Electric Railways, Manolis Fotopoulos, who began to realize his dream right after his retirement, in 1995. He diligently searched in all company locations, warehouses and even junk-yards and gathered all items he considered important for the future Museum, prompting at the same time his co-workers – retired or still active – to contribute to his effort. Finally, in the space of the former Post Office within the architecturally unique Piraeus railway station building, the Electric Railway Museum of Piraeus has been … < Read More >

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