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St. Catherine’s Church – a Beautiful Church with an Intriguing Story

Dominating Alexandra’s Square, St. Catherine’s Church stands right in the heart of Pasalimani. An architectural piece of unique beauty, St. Catherine’s church is accompanied by an intriguing and romantic story. In the early 30s, an Italian merchant, Vincenzo Caivano falls in love with a beautiful young woman from Piraeus, Katerina. Vincenzo and Katerina get married and spend their days between Constaninople and Piraeus. Unfortunately, in 1934 and after a long illness, Katerina dies. Vincenzo, inconsolable after his … < Read More >

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Zoödochos Pighi Church – Mother Mary’s Church on the Port of Piraeus

Zoödochos Pigh, always designating Mother Mary, means “life giving spring”, referring to Mother Mary’s interventions when her help is needed and prayed for. Legend has it that almost 1600 years ago a poor, blind man was drifting around, helpless and desperate. Nobody would help him until a passerby stopped and offered to help. “Please”, said the blind man, “I haven’t drunk any water in days. Please, all I want is some water”. The passerby took the blind by the hand and headed for the woods to find a water … < Read More >

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The Catholic Church of St. Paul in Piraeus

The Catholic Church of St. Paul, located in Notara Street, right opposite the Hellenic-French School “Jeanne d’ Arc”, was built in 1839. The swift growth of the Port of Piraeus in the mid 1830’s resulted in the increase in the number of Catholics living in Piraeus and consequently the need for a place of worship for the Catholics emerged. Till then, on Sundays and Feast days, the Catholics of Piraeus attended the Mass in a chapel built on the premises of Frederikos Marketis’ ( rich tradesman and naval agent) mansion. In 1837, Rev. Comnstantine Sargologos, Vicar General of the Parish of Athens, foresees that … < Read More >

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St. Spyridon Church – Piraeus’ Patron Saint Church

Dating back in the 11th century, St. Spyridon’s Monastery dominated the port of Piraeus for centuries, witnessing all the phases of the turbulent history of the port, till 1827, the year it was destructed. A huge fortified building, its existence being identified with the Port of Piraeus, St. Spyridon’s Monastery was mainly known as “the Monastery of Draco”, since-during the years of the Venetian Occupation of Piraeus- the Port of Piraeus was called Porto Leone (the port of the lion) and “Porto Draco” (the port of the Dragon), due to the gigantic Piraeus Lion decorating the port until 1687. A “castle monastery”, St. Spyridon’s … < Read More >

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St. Nile Church – The Only Saint Nile Parish in Greece

St. Nile Church, located in the neighborhood of Hatzikyriakio in Piraeus, on the plot surrounded by the streets Theotoki, Herodotou, Antoniou Theohari and Sp.Trikoupi, is one of the three churches in Greece – and the first to be built-dedicated to Saint Nile the Myrrh-gusher. It is also the only parish of Saint Nile in Greece. In 1928, following the initiative of Heleni Mamai who lived in Piraeus but was from Kinouria, a region in Peloponnisos, birthplace of Saint Nile, a small church dedicated to Saint Nile was built. Originally operating as a private church, St. Nile Church became … < Read More >

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St. Nikolaοs Church – Dedicated to the Patron Saint of Seamen

St. Nikolaοs church, dominating the Southeastern part of Piraeus Port, was built in the late 19th century, being the third St. Nikolaos church erected on the same plot after the two previous (the first one built in 1844 and the second in 1852) had proved to be not big enough to cater for the needs of St. Nikolaos parish. St. Nikolaos church, designed by the architect I. Lazarimos in collaboration with P. Zizilas, was completed in 1902. It is a cross-in square four – columned church with a dome following the principles of neoclassicism, its special features being the majestic three-column portico on the Western and … < Read More >

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Prophet Elijah’s Church – a Picturesque Church on Kastella Hill

Prophet Elijah Church, a picturesque little church, is situated on the hill of Kastella, overlooking the whole city of Piraeus. Originally operating as a private church dedicated to Prophet Elias, Saint George and Saint Eleftherios, probably built between 1868 and 1876, Prophet Elijah’s Church was bought by the Municipality of Piraeus and turned into a parish in 1883. In 1944, during the Allies’ Bombardment of Piraeus, the church is completely destroyed. Rebuilt in 1948, Prophet Elijah’s Church will be once again destroyed after the 1981 earthquake. This time, a prefabricated church will be placed on … < Read More >

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The Holy Trinity Cathedral – Piraeus’ Jewel of Church Architecture

The Holy Trinity Cathedral (in Greek Aghia Triada), situated in the center of Piraeus, within walking distance from the Port of Piraeus, was built within the years 1956 and 1964, in the place of the first church of the Holy Trinity built in the 19th century and completely destroyed by the Allies Bombardment of Piraeus in 1944. The Holy Trinity Cathedral, covering a surface of 835 sq.m, is a byzantine rhythm church with a huge dome actually flying over the structure. The dome, having 40 windows, is supported by 8 circular triangles and … < Read More >

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