Why Stay in Piraeus

Piraeus is More than Just a Port …
It is the only place where you can enjoy yourself to the full in the few hours you’ve got at your disposal

The features of Piraeus constitute the city’s competitive advantage. Get in charge of your tour and let Piraeusland.com be your companion to this amazing journey!

6 Reasons to Stay in Piraeus
  1. It is full of archeological sites combined with top quality shopping facilities that can live up to the expectations of the most demanding visitor.

  2. It features cultural treasures almost hidden within the urban environment, in the most unexpected places, intriguing and pleasantly surprising the tourist.

  3. It is an island-like city with idyllic sceneries, unique in Attica, ideal for long strolls, a relaxed coffee or a romantic meal.

  4. It is a multi-faceted place catering for all tastes and moods ranging from cosmopolitan to off-the-beaten track.

  5. There’s no need to travel long distances to go sightseeing, go shopping or grab a bite: everything in Piraeus is within easy reach.

  6. It is a safe and chilled-out city where you can enjoy yourself to the full, saving time and money.