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Be Your Tour Leader – Discover Piraeus, Save Time & Money !

Piraeus' Cruise Terminal– Just arrived in Piraeus?
– Do you feel like you need some help?
– Locals speak only Greek?
– Do you want to be your tour leader?
– Don’t know how to move, where to go and what to do?
– Want to make the best out of your short stay in Piraeus?

No problem! We provide you with all the answers and information at hand: on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Simply, visit PIRAEUSLAND.com and enjoy your short stay discovering the unique beauties of Piraeus. Save time and money! 

What PiraeusLand.com DoesWho We Are
PiraeusLand.com is a high-end website operating as the Ultimate Tool for Tourists & Cruise Passengers in Piraeus. In other words, it is everything a tourist needs to know about Piraeus.

While Piraeus is much more than a passage to Athens or Greek Islands, emphasis is given to the needs of transit tourists.

Aiming at maximizing Piraeus visitor’s experience, it gives not only precise but also user-friendly solutions to all issues a tourist is interested in.

Thus, if you are a tourist or a cruise passenger in Piraeus, you can now find yourself all the answers you need to make the best out of your short stay in Piraeus and make every minute count. Just follow our suggestions and save yourself time and money.

We are a team of locals, pure city lovers, who have always aspired to promote the unique beauties of our city.

To this end, we, the people of PiraeusLand, coming from different educational backgrounds ranging from technology to languages and humanitarian studies, have combined our skills to set up a site especially designed to cater for the needs of tourists in Piraeus.

Our philosophy is simple: “treat our users with respect and work for their satisfaction”.